Beef, Chicken or Veggie

8 oz$5.00
16 oz$10.00
32 oz$20.00
1/2 gal$40.00
1 gal$75.00

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  • BEEF: Barbacoa, Birria, Red Chile, Green Chile, Carne Asada, Ground Beef, Chicharrones, Machaca, Chorizo or Al Pastor
  • CHICKEN: Solo Pollo, Pollo Ranchero, Pollo Colorado, or Pollo Asado
  • VEGAN: Beans, Calabazitas, Nopalitos, Nopalitos Rancheros, Nopalitos Colorado, Potatoes & Cheese, Lentejas, Soya Verde, Soy Chorizo, Papas Rancheros, Coliflor, Jamaica Machaca or Soy Machaca


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